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Our Coaching Services


Transition & Mentor Coaching


What should I do?  Is this the right move for me?  What is my purpose?  How can I make a difference?  If you're asking yourself these kinds of questions transition coaching can be pivotal in helping you make a well-thought out decision that reflects your unique strengths, gifts, experience, and values.  The best way to predict your future is take the steps to create it.

10 weeks/ 10/60-minute sessions.




Authentic Relationships

Couples or Individual COACHING

A comprehensive customized package offering a focused program exploring what it means to be your authentic best and how to serve it to others. We work together to define your unique best-self vision, understand why you’re not there, and create a strategic behavioral plan to help you get there and stay there. We examine lifestyle, perceptions, relationships, daily routines, and patterns. We identify your signature strengths, how to cultivate and live from those strengths, and systematically transform how you show up in the world. Journaling required. This series offers the flexibility of 60 minute sessions for more intensive weekly work totaling 10 session hours of coaching.

10 weeks/ 10/60-minute sessions

Couples or Individual COACHING

Change my Center

TOOLS FOR Spiritual Awakening

How do you manage stress in real time in your life? When life gets busy and complicated, knowing the tools for showing up calm and centered is essential to our well-being. This package will help you understand your thought patterns and provide tools and strategies for a spirit centered more joy- filled approach to your day.

6 weeks, 6/60-minute sessions

Email communications as needed.

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